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Model: JSS-SOLAR-JBSP005L with storage battery Solar panel: 10V/5W Brushless pump input: DC 4.5-12V Battery: Li-ion 18650 7.4V/2400mAh Maximum quantity of flow: 200L/h Maximum water height: 80cm Maximum delivery head: 150cm 5-LED lights: IP68, Φ5mm, 48LM, 6500K Daily working time: 16 hours (battery gets charged by sunlight for 8 hours)   Material: Plastic               MOQ : one carton EXW Price: US$36.30     Sample Price: US$39.30
Model: JSS-SOLAR-JX-0025 with storage battery Solar Panel: 2.5W Pump Input: 0.8W Battery: NI-MH AAA 7.2V/800mAh Maximum Q: 175L/h H: 15-20cm/30-45cm Material: Plastic MOQ : one carton N.W : 12KG   Craft box size: 23.5*21.5*9.5cm G.W : 13KG   QTY/CTN 20pcs carton size: 54*48.5*45.5cm C.b.m : 0.12   EXW Price: US$25.58 Samp Price: US$29.58
Model: JSS-SOLAR-JBSP100 10W big power Solar panel: 17V/10W Brushless pump input: DC 6-24V Maximum quantity of flow: 1350L/h Maximum delivery head: 800cm Maximum water height: 200cm The pump will start automatically in 3 seconds   Material:  Plastic Craft box size: 18*17.5*7cm MOQ :   one carton QTY/CTN 5pcs carton size:   47*37*28.5cm G.W :  11.5KG N.W :  8.8KG C.b.m:  0.06 EXW Price: US$50.33 Samp Price: US$53.33
Model: JSS-SOLAR-DF-0014S  Solar Panel: 8V/1.4W Pump Input: DC 4.5-10V Maximum Q: 150L/h Maximum H: 45cm Material:  Plastic MOQ :  one carton QTY/CTN 40pcs N.W :  11KG G.W :  11.5KG carton size:   56*35.5*36cm EXW Price: US$12.87 Samp Price: US$15.87
Model: JSS-SOLAR-DF-005 Solar Panel: 12V/5W Pump Input: DC 6-12V Maximum Q: 380L/h Maximum H: 60cm Weight:1.05KG Material:  Plastic MOQ :   one carton N.W :  21KG Craft box size: 28.3*18.5*5.2cm G.W :  22KG   QTY/CTN 20pcs carton size:   53*38.3*30cm EXW Price: US$25.00 Samp Price: US$28.00
Model: JSS-SOLAR-DF-003 Solar Panel: 9V/3W Pump Input: DC 4.5-10V Maximum Q: 200L/h Maximum H: 60cm Weight: 0.7KG Material:  Plastic MOQ :   one carton Craft box size: 28.3*18.5*5.2cm N.W :  14KG QTY/CTN 20pcs G.W :  15KG carton size: 53*38.3*30cm C.b.m :  0.06 EXW Price: US$24.00 Samp Price: US$27.00
Model: JSS-SOLAR-DF-0018 Solar Panel: 9V/1.8W Pump Input: DC 4.5-10V Maximum Q: 200L/h Maximum H: 60cm Weight: 0.3KG Material:  Plastic   MOQ :   one carton N.W :  12KG Craft box size: 18.5*12.5*5cm G.W :  13KG   QTY/CTN 40pcs carton size:   66*39.5*23cm EXW Price: US$12.87 Samp Price: US$15.87
Model: JSS-SOLAR-DF-0015 Solar Panel: 6V/1.5W Pump Input: DC 4.5-10V Maximum Q: 175L/h Maximum H: 55cm Material:  Plastic Craft box size: 15*14*5cm MOQ :   one carton QTY/CTN 60pcs EXW Price: US$12.87 Samp Price: US$15.87
Model:  JSS-SOLAR-DF-001  Solar Panel: 7V/1.12W Pump Input: DC 4.5-10V Maximum Q: 150L/h Maximum H: 45cm Best selling   Material:  Plastic Craft box size: 11.5*11.5*5cm MOQ :   one carton QTY/CTN 60pcs N.W :  14KG carton size:   54.5*37*25.5cm G.W :  15KG EXW Price: US$9.75 Samp Price: US$12.75
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