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Email Marketing

However, when we promote the client's online presence, the links of a customer's various marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, could be easily presented in an email message. In this method, the receiver of the email would naturally check the preferred social media method, easily available to the email receiver.

In an email message, many different ways of promoting a business is possible.

Generate an online sale
Generate an offline sale
Generate a campaign of product awareness
Provide after sales service

What should the customer / email receiver do with the received email?

Read the email and click the link to the next step, communicate with the sender to purchase the product or ask more information.
Keep the email for a later date, (perhaps the receiver has urgent work to attend)
Delete the email as the receiver is not concerned with its contents. (Extensive paragraphs distracting the reader, perhaps?)

In all three scenarios, the sender's information would be reached to others, if the correct person is addressed to:

Forward the email, "Would this email be of use to someone?"
Talk about the email to a colleague, "Whom should I forward this email to?"
Save this email by flagging it or adding to favorites, "Should this come handy?

It is necessary that the most essential information is presented in a short, concise manner for effective communication to the email receiver.

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